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Thinking of a career at JTMAT?

Thank you for your interest in a position within John Taylor Multi-Academy Trust. I hope that the information in this recruitment pack is valuable in furnishing you with the detail to assist you in your application and, more importantly, helping to develop your understanding of what it means to work within the JTMAT community and its family of schools.

Our mission statement within JTMAT is simple, and pre-dates the Trust itself, emanating from the founder school, John Taylor High. It is a statement of intent, and a commitment that we carry through all our work:

“We believe in the power of education to improve lives – and the world.”

Schools within the Trust are staffed with colleagues – teaching and support – who share this belief, and are supported by governors and trustees who underpin it. The outcomes of our children are testament to it also. By the term “outcomes”, we know that this transcends raw data measures although it does include them) to reflect the true concept of education as “what survives after what has been learned has been forgotten.” Our schools therefore value educational trips and visits, performances and events, and the interaction of children and adults beyond the formality of the timetable. We believe that this sets us apart.

In all that we do individually and collectively, we endeavour to display six key attributes that will enable us to be successful. They are:

  • Our commitment to ensure learning is at the heart of all we do: Keeping “the main thing, the main thing” – prioritising our people, time, energy and funding to the improvement of the educational experience – both formal and informal – we provide.
  • A passion for excellence: Only comparing ourselves with the best. When finding it, seeking to match and then surpass it.
  • Restlessness and curiosity: Looking for opportunity to be involved and to learn from new experiences.
  • Courage to innovate: Leading change – in teaching and learning, curriculum development, organisational structures.
  • Tenacity and resilience: Holding to our mission in times of turbulence, and remaining resolute until we achieve what we set out to do.
  • Collegiality: Listening to others, sharing with others, learning from others.
  • We want all of the children and young people in our schools to exhibit these qualities also.

I hope that you find the information enclosed useful in your considerations.

Much more can be found on our website at Should you share our vision and choose to apply for this position, I wish you every success.

With best wishes.

Mike Donoghue – CEO

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