Our Ethos & Vision
At John Taylor Multi Academy Trust

‘We believe in the power of education to improve lives – and the world’

This statement is at the heart of the John Taylor story. We are driven to ensure that our community can realise its true potential through learning. This is our mission. To that end, we provide the experiences, resources, structures and systems to enable all to engage, all to progress, all to achieve.

Through the opportunities that our Multi-Academy Trust offers, we extend our mission beyond the school in which it originated.

Our Objectives

These the core objectives for the Trust. It is the responsibility of all employed and associated with the organisation to work towards the furtherance of these objectives.

  • Children are well-prepared for the next stage in their lives through experiencing the best learning opportunities through exceptional teaching and support, and access to high quality resources and provision in and beyond the classroom.
  • Children achieve more, and make better progress, by attending a JTMAT academy than would otherwise be expected. We add value.
  • Our academies are full, and always oversubscribed as a result of their popularity, reputation and success.
  • Our academies are staffed with high-performing professionals, exhibiting passion and taking pride in their work, in a context of effective support and challenge.
  • Individuals are recognised and valued by our academies, and the Multi-Academy Trust, where we place high value on the physical and mental health and the wellbeing of all with whom we engage.
  • Accommodation and premises are safe, well-maintained, and with facilities that are constantly improving.
  • Infrastructure is both effective and efficient, underpinned by sound financial management practices whereby value for money is always given due regard.
  • Management systems are coherent and cohesive, and staffed by colleagues who are innovative, adaptable, and capable of absorbing new initiatives.
  • Our academies, and the Multi-Academy Trust, are held in the highest regard by others within and beyond the education sector, and our work and its impact is validated by external accreditation and inspection

What makes us successful?

Our commitment to ensure learning is at the heart of all we do: Keeping “the main thing, the main thing” – prioritising our people, time, energy and funding to the improvement of the educational experience – both formal and informal – we provide.

A passion for excellence: Only comparing ourselves with the best.  When finding it, seeking to match and then surpass it.

Restlessness and curiosity: Looking for opportunity to be involved and to learn from new experiences.

Courage to innovate: Leading change – in teaching and learning, curriculum development, organisational structures.

Tenacity and resilience : Holding to our mission in times of turbulence, and remaining resolute until we achieve what we set out to do.

Collegiality: Listening to others, sharing with others, learning from other.